WebiMax has distinguished itself as the leader in search engine optimization and online marketing services. Comprised of over 150 talented and dedicated personnel, working at WebiMax is unlike any other.

Being selected as one of the Best Places to Work by the Philadelphia Business Journal in addition to one of America’s Most Promising Companies by Forbes, proves the strength of WebiMax in their ability to hire the most talented personnel in the industry and deliver such exceptional results to their clients.

Holly Schureman
“As a designer, having explicit creative freedom to construct and implement my vision is vital – sadly, not all work places operate so freely. Webimax allows me to not only develop by allowing independent growth, but its reinforces encouragement and progression through work with my co-workers and managers in its open and communicative environment.”

-Holly Schureman, Web Designer
Employee since February, 2011

Ryan Buddenhagen
“One clear differentiating factor that separates WebiMax from other places to work is the quality of the people we are communicating and collaborating with all day long. Our team cares about our clients and delivering on their success, and this is carried through in our commitment to each other. Down the line, colleagues are accessible for advice, direction, and guidance both in process and the technical side of our service. Our people and the way we work together make our roles and workplace as a whole that much more rewarding.”

-Ryan Buddenhagen, Online Marketing Consultant
Employee since December, 2011

Lynn Whitley
“As a writer, it’s rare to be able to find a career that allows you to fully use your own style and creativity. At WebiMax, not only are my skills used and challenged to their full extent, but I’m continuously given the opportunity to grow in a relaxed, yet professional atmosphere while working towards the greater good of my clients.”

-Lynn Whitley, Content Development Lead
Employee since April, 2012

Drew J. Evans
“WebiMax gives me the freedom and creativity to utilize my strength in Front End Website Development/Design. They have given me numerous tools to enhance my growth here, and we are always recognized for a job well done. The team here is top notch – innovative, friendly, hardworking, which makes it a fun and rewarding place to work.”

-Drew J. Evans, Front End Website Developer
Employee since September, 2011

Lindsay Powell
“Throughout each of my roles at WebiMax, I have been encouraged to be constantly growing as a professional, to obtain various certifications, to be continually learning, and to be focused ahead of the SEO and online marketing curve. The atmosphere at WebiMax is casual and informative, which allows us to flourish in our own capacities while encouraging us to work towards the greater good of our clients and our company as a whole.”

-Lindsay Powell, Support Specialist
Employee since March, 2011

John Borkowski
“WebiMax provides opportunities of growth and experience in an innovating industry. It is very exciting to work with a company that is practicing marketing tactics of tomorrow, not yesterday. When I came to WebiMax, I was excited to join a team that was moving up in the industry and am thoroughly satisfied with the experience I have received. In addition to this, it is rewarding to help other firms grow in the same way. We were once a small firm looking to grow and were able to do so with the right marketing principles. Helping other firms grow and increase their revenue is also a rewarding perk of working for WebiMax.”

-John Borkowski, Online Marketing Consultant
Employee since March, 2010