Our Philosophy

Ken Wisnefski, Founder/CEO

When I first started WebiMax in 2008, I wanted to create a company that leveraged a deep online marketing knowledge that could be customized to fit each of our client’s specific needs. I saw plenty of companies that had “one-size-fits-all” mentalities, and I felt strongly that I could do better. I had been a victim in my previous venture of working with a few online marketing firms that promised the world, signed me to long-term contracts and then delivered absolutely nothing. Through this experience, I feel I have a perspective that our competitors simply do not. I realize what it’s like to be disappointed and let down by the online marketing firm you are working with and my goal is to do all I can to ensure my clients see the value of our service.

While the online marketing world has changed drastically in the six years since WebiMax first opened, the ability to evolve with the changing landscape related to web-based marketing makes WebiMax stand out as a thought leader in our industry. I worked extremely hard to integrate extensive on-going training for our staff to stay far ahead of the curve as changes to search algorithms and new online marketing platforms gain steam as viable options for advertisers.

My commitment to my clients continues to focus heavily on providing an innovative, well thought-out strategy that is managed by experienced and diligent client service specialists. By having a strong nucleus of strategy and continually monitoring the evolution and trends that the industry is constantly faced with, I know that when it comes to choosing the right firm to assist your company in growing your online process, there is only one choice that ensures success and that choice is clearly WebiMax.

I take great pride in the company and team that I have built as well as the commitment to excellence that I have instilled in my staff. Please don’t hesitate to contact me directly with any questions that you may have at service@webimax.com

Ken Wisnefski