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Putting Readers Before Robots

SEO has come a long way since its murky early days of link farms and obvious keyword stuffing. Not only are these practices unsightly and suspicious looking to potential customers, but now they will also get you into heaps of trouble with Google. The Penguin update that’s been causing site owners to nervously check their […]

Twitter Trying to Rein in Third Party Apps

Twitter has released a bit of news that appears to have angered the developer community. But it’s not just app developers that should take pause with the latest news from the people at Twitter. Social media companies might be just as affected depending on what tools they use to run their campaigns. Twitter is tightening […]

Different Strategies for Different Social Networks

The internet is abuzz about the project that has shattered its fundraising goals days before its target date listed on their pseudo-Kickstarter site. If you are a professional who handles social media campaigns or you’re a business owner looking to hire a firm to handle a campaign for you, this development should pique your […]

Four Things a Reputable SEO Marketing Company Won’t Do

Are you in the market for search engine optimization services?  Have you come to realize providers are not created equally?  The industry is not officially regulated.  That makes for interesting interactions with the good, bad, and ugly companies.  It’s hard to make a distinction when every provider states their services are the best. Perhaps it’s […]

How Not To Use Social Media

Social media campaigns have become an essential part of most businesses’ internet marketing strategies. When used properly, social media can be a cost effective way to get your message out there. By providing links to your best content, your followers and friends will (with any luck) share that content to their respective networks. See your […]

It’s Good To Be a Chatterbox: Social Media and Branding

Here’s a hypothetical situation for you, small business owner/independent contractor. You’ve recently opened shop. Your ecommerce site is up and functioning. You’re ready to start writing freelance articles for all the big players in your industry. The next thing you do is sign up for accounts with Twitter, Facebook, and Google +. Now that your […]

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