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Marketing Vision Quest

  Sometimes in business we have a vision; yet, in our quest to capture, to attain the image, we wrestle with the reality of the situation.  It happens.  Otherwise, every business that ever started would flourish.  That’s a beautiful vision, pile-driven by the reality of business.   How can you better gauge whether your vision […]

Breakaway from the Broken-Record Approach

  By now, if you’re reading me, you understand online marketing is marketing in essence.  Marketing involves relating to people.  People can be creatures of routine; yet, life is not so pragmatic.  Exceptions do and will always exist; people are extremely dynamic as well as routine.   How many interests do you have?  I’ll assume […]

Why is Your Brand Socially Awkward?

I’ve somewhat embraced the Google zoo because the inability to ‘game’ the engine has called for more marketing.  Sorry, (you know who you are).   So, this thing marketing, I’m no expert; but, I know a little about a little. If I was to understand marketing, since I’m online, I may as well check out ‘Marketing […]

Hey, You Missed a Marketing Spot

  So, you wanna successfully leverage online marketing.  How thick is your SEO skin?  Would you mind if I combed over your initiatives with a felt-tipped, red pen.  I used to get ‘my red on’ regarding student essays.  I wasn’t being malicious; as the song goes, ‘you gotta be cruel to be kind’ sometimes.   […]

Penguin Business Lessons

  Are you tired of hearing of Google pets?  I am too.  There are some SEO lessons to learn due to Penguin.  I’m sure you’ve seen a resource or two so far.  However, in this post, I would like to review some business insights to take away from the pet’s recent visit.   Google is […]

How Brand Followers Become Frequent Flyers

  Those, native to Philadelphia, are no strangers to professional sports teams.  Philly’s got a couple of great ones, the Flyers among them.  In attempts to exorcise their playoff opponent, the ‘Flyguys’ were eliminated this year.  True fans are disappointed but hardly turned off of the team, the brand, the Flyers.     It may […]

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