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Removing Unnecessary Pages

There are some pages on sites that you don’t necessarily want to have indexed. Some of them are easy to find because they fulfill important purposes on sites, but still shouldn’t be crawled and indexed. Others can be considerably more difficult to find. For example, on one site, I found widgets that appeared on only […]

Losing the Street in Streetviews: Google Patents a Walking Stick

The research and development team at Google doesn’t alway focus upon search algorithms. Sometimes their efforts seem more suited to Indiana Jones than Luke Skywalker. In the past year we’ve seen Google map the Grand Canyon using pack donkeys and a team exploring the depths of the Canyon. Google has been mapping the underwater surfaces […]

How Google Now and Phone Sensors Might Change Search as We Know It

At the Google I/O Developers Conference last week, we were introduced to the future of Search, or as Google’s Head of Search Quality Amit Singhal called it, the “death of search.” The presentations from the day long event told us that features like Google Now will provide information to us as we need it, rather […]

How Do You Win at Social?

Back in 1997 I was a webmaster for a site that incorporated businesses in Delaware. In those days, promoting a site meant finding ways to deliver traffic to its pages, and building relationships with other site owners and businesses. PageRank was unheard of at the time, and the idea of anchor text being used as […]

How a Search Engine Might Identify and Rank Authors in Search Results

In the past couple of years, we’ve been seeing Google bring a level of social activity and awareness to Google that was missing in the past. They’ve developed meta data approaches that enable authors to connect their Google Account with web pages they write at and contribute to. They’ve also set up a way for […]

Ranking Google Social Search Results

Linkbuilding isn’t dead, and it likely won’t be any time soon, but it has changed over the past few years, and the search engines are looking at other signals as well, such as social sharing… Less Reliance on Links If you look through the links that you might have attracted or acquired for your website […]

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