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Redirecting URLs for Marketing Purposes Only

The Webimax blog went through a redesign recently, and one of the sections that we were happy to add was an ask the experts section, where people can submit questions about online marketing, and get an answer from one of the many professionals at Webimax. The following question about redirecting URLs wasn’t one asked specifically […]

SEO Audit Checklist

  SEO Audit Checklist Authors: Bill Slawski, Chris Countey, Michael Stricker, Jeremy Niedt and Matt Haran In addition to providing useful information, we’re also testing how Google will attribute authorship when multiple authors are listed with correct markup. For fun, one author is using his Twitter profile as the hook. Table of Contents Site Architecture […]

Monday Morning SEO: Ads on Google Maps?

Maps are not my friend. Or at least they haven’t been in the past, whether lost on the side of a road with a big unfolded paper map that I can’t find myself upon, or driving directions from Google or Yahoo or Mapquest that get me 99% of the way to my destination only to […]

Why Google’s Predictive Personal Assistant is better than Siri

This summer, Google announced that they were coming out with a program called Google Now, which seems to be Google’s answer to Siri. As a digital assistant, it anticipates your informational and situational needs almost before you do. The original Siri patent, Intelligent Automated Assistant, is filled with details on different options it might include […]

More on Search Engines and Crawlers

On Monday night, I had the chance to give a presentation for the Agile SEO Meetup at the Webimax headquarters in Mt. Laurel, New Jersey. There was a nice turnout, including many Maxers* who started their day early, and stayed late or returned for the presentation. It takes a team to make a meetup work, […]

Monday Morning SEO – How Far Apart?

In the start of every football season, the first few games are often a surprise in terms of how well or how poorly some teams play. One team yesterday, picked by many to be a potential Superbowl, participant barely eked out a victory over a rival that isn’t expected to fare quite as well. Other […]

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