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Google Granted Patent on Logging In via Facial Recognition

How much is a search engine like a human being when it comes to gathering data in the world around it and making judgments about that data? You can break the human sensory system down into five parts: vision, taste, smell, feel, and audio. Our visual system has at least two major parts, with rods […]

Monday Morning SEO – Optimization, Stories, and Search Engine Business Plans

Optimization is the effort to try to make something the best that it can be. You’ve likely seen television shows featuring chefs who help struggling restaurants by providing an objective opinion at how the kitchen and the front staff work. Those efforts might involve shrinking a much too large menu to something that can be […]

Monday Morning SEO – Sometimes When You Lose Rankings You Don’t

I remember when Google had been out for about a year or so, back when I was promoting a single website in-house. I was really cautious about making changes to the site because we were ranking well for terms we cared about, and I was afraid that a single change could possibly take that away. […]

Monday Morning SEO – The Unexpected and the Extreme

I have a morning ritual that I like to follow most workdays. I like to stop for breakfast at one of the nearby coffee houses or bakeries and sit down with a newspaper, some coffee, and something to eat, and spend some time talking with some of my neighbors. Seems like many of them are […]

Monday Morning SEO: Social Search and PageRank Sculpting

SEO is an ever evolving discipline, and keeping on top of changes is one of the challenges that any SEO faces. This means that the typical SEO spends part of their day researching what the search engines say they are doing, keeping in touch with what other SEOs are writing about, exploring new websites and […]

Monday Morning SEO: Link Warnings and Google Handwrite

This is the first edition of a new feature on the Optimized Times. We will be looking back at some of the posts related to search and SEO from the previous week, and pointing out some of the ones that we find interesting. These might include posts and articles from the search engines, blog posts […]

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