Author: Bill Slawski

Author: <span class=Bill Slawski">

How Google May Decide Which Data Problems to Fix First

A recently granted Google patent provides a peek at how the search engine addresses some of the problems it might have as a business, a site owner, and an information provider. When we work on a web site, and identify issues on that site to address those which might have a positive impact upon how […]

How Google May Re-Rank Search Results Based the Context of What You Click

Search for [jaguar] in Google and you’ll see some results for the animal, the brand of cars, and even a result for the NFL football team in Jacksonville, Florida. Imagine that if you clicked on the result for the football team that subsequent search results that you might see from Google in the same search […]

SEO is Dead – Long live SEO

The first days of summer, and the mercury in my thermometer raced for triple digits yesterday afternoon. This is my first blog post on the Webimax blog, and I’m excited at the chance to share this space with some people who are very enthusiastic and excited about search and SEO, and the growing social and […]

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