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3 Steps to Help You Select Keywords that Meet Penguin Criteria

Keyword research is a valuable step in the SEO process in which webmasters dedicate extensive time in order to select the best keywords for a campaign. Searching for the best keywords involves finding words that are relevant, words that web audiences are searching for, and words with competition. But, with the recent launch of Google’s […]

Under Optimization Hurts, Too

As Google’s spam-fighting algorithm, Penguin, continues to make headlines, SEOs and webmasters are not only analyzing their tactics and strategies, but are also dishing out the latest information to help others avoid receiving a penalty. While SEOs and webmasters want to avoid being affected by Google’s Penguin, and offer tips regarding over-optimization to help others […]

With the Launch of the Penguin, Be Cautious of the SEO Company You Hire

While it’s important to hire an SEO company that’s committed to working for you, since the release of Google’s new algorithm, Penguin, it’s crucial more than ever that you select an SEO company that is following organic SEO practices. Since the webspam algorithm launched, businesses should be cautious that the SEO company they choose doesn’t […]

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