Author: Jer Niedt

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Dip Your SEO Toe in the Google Pool

To the technical uninitiated, it can be hard to tell whether or not a site needs SEO work or not.  What follows is a general SEO litmus test you can perform on your site, using only a browser.  No fancy tools,  litmus paper, or black magic required. The process covers three primary areas: Proper indexing […]

Humanization vs. Optimization: A Scratch and Sniff Adventure

Google’s ostensible goal is to create the best corollary to how users browse the web. Without impediment, this would allow Google to eventually provide near-perfect information to the user. Whether by commission or naiveté, the SERPs are not free of the static noise that is SPAM. As such, any methods Google perceives as disruptive to […]

Local SEO Optimization

While not all websites need to engage SEO at a local level, many businesses rely wholly on the surrounding community, and the associated physical and electronic traffic.  In a technological environment where mobile usage is skyrocketing, empowered by innumerable GPS-driven applications, proper geographic listing, and engagement, is essential.    On Page Markup There are a […]

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