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SEO amidst a Changing Landscape: Planning with Google in Mind

It doesn’t take an online marketing company with a decades’ worth of experience to see that the relationship that SEO service providers have with Google is a complicated one. Of course much of this is owed to the recent string of Penguin and Panda algorithm updates (of which we discuss quite often), but there are […]

Click-Through Rates into Real Conversations: The Subtle Art of Sealing the Deal

It’s a problem I’ve seen time and time again from business owners that are new to search engine optimization. After a few months of striking out on their own and using popular SEO methods to increase their visibility on Google SERPs, they end up giving up seemingly out of the blue. They’ve gone through their […]

How Not to Mistake an Online Marketing Misstep for a Dead End Path

It’s an error in judgment that is often made by many business owners over the course of their careers. All too often a person is quick to dismiss a lack of results from a new initiative as being representative of a no-win battle. Before new strategies can be proven one way or the other, these […]

The Three Common Mistakes of Company Landing Pages

Although much of the organic web traffic funneling that SEO companies do is through backlinks in articles and partner sites, the majority of your website visitors end up seeing the landing page before anything else. Even when using search phrases that incorporate long tail keywords or other specified terms, Google and Bing both tend to […]

Four Effective Strategies of a SEO Company

By now, business owners have learned a thing or two about what a SEO company can achieve.  However, the services needed to further a company’s online presence and drive conversion rates differ from entity to entity.   While each situation differs, there are a still several elements found in any successful SEO campaign that will always […]

Twitter Becomes Battleground between NBC and Olympic Fans

Some of you may have been following the ongoing debacle regarding journalist Guy Adams (of The Independent), NBC, the London Olympics and Twitter. For those of you who haven’t been keeping up with the latest news, the story basically boils down to a series of events that ultimately ended with a well-known and outspoken journalist […]

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