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Learning to Persevere and Never Fear in Today’s SEO Climate

It’s impossible to read the latest news in our industry without noticing the tone of immediate concern that so many others have. Ever since the more recent Panda updates started taking a significant toll on SERPs linked with popular trending keywords, everyone has been pointing at Google and blaming the company for the increasingly poor […]

Panda Data Refresh Hits Web, What Are You Doing About It?

If you’re a website owner who’s noticed your site’s standings in the Google SERPs have dropped in the last 48 hours, then you’ll likely already know who (or what) is to blame for it. Back on Tuesday, Google ran a data refresh for Panda which, according to the company’s predictions, affected around 1% of its […]

Foursquare Lets Businesses Raise their Profile Easily

Saying that the internet is a big place is among the greatest understatements anyone can make. In our modern web-centric age, everyone is connected to each other and industries appear to grow overnight. Regardless of the service or product a business may offer, there’s always going to be a number of other organizations out there […]

Monthly comScore Results Place Google at #1 Once Again

Despite any snide comments that Google’s critics may have as of late, it’s clear that the company’s role in the search engine market remains unchallenged. With the Google glasses project only a few months away from going public (at least in a beta state) and the company’s cloud-based storage system now available for all users, […]

Google+ iOS App Gets an Update, New Users to Follow

Google’s ongoing efforts to push its social network’s exposure simply cannot be ignored. After having updated its Google+ Android app last month, the networks’ mobile users were treated to flashy new animations and larger displays for profile images. At that time, Google also announced that an update for the iOS version of Google+ was already […]

Mastering the Art of the ‘Soft Sell’ on Social Media Networks

It’s a mistake that both SEO firms and users see time and time again. As more small business owners decide to market their company properties through social media, they end up blundering through the process with little results to show for their efforts. So the best and brightest minds of the faltering business scratch their […]

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