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Google+ Local Replaces Google Place; What SMBs Should Know

Just yesterday, Google made a pretty significant announcement of which every business owner should take note. In an attempt to further combine its social media efforts with its focus on independently-owned companies, Google has integrated its Google Places program into Google+ Local. While the benefits of this consolidation many not be immediately apparent to everyone, […]

Keyword Implementation isn’t Dying, it’s Simply Changing

For the last twenty years, numerous SEO companies and internet advertisers have depended on keywords as being a guiding light for search engine indexers and site crawlers. A tactic commonly used by ethical and unethical online marketing agencies alike, heavily emphasized keyword implementation was so pervasive throughout the web development community that almost everyone has […]

Don’t Panic: A SMB Owner Guide to Surviving the Facebook Blues

The last two weeks have been an incredibly stressful time for every web-focused company. Between Facebook’s recent woes concerning its IPO and General Motors pulling out of its in-network marketing, there’s been more than a little bit of uncertainty in the SEO and online marketing communities as of late. Many of our readers no doubt […]

Using ‘Gamification’ to Strengthen your Social Media Standing

Although the term may sound like made-up internet jargon (and to some extent it is), “gamification” is a real trend and one that has become increasingly common in society. The phrase itself refers to the rising prevalence of game-like mechanics across non-game-related media in our daily lives. Regular users of mobile apps such as Foursquare […]

How Businesses can Create High Quality Content Post-Penguin

Tomorrow marks one month since the debut of Google’s Penguin, and everyone is still trying to make sense of the update. While a couple websites have come into existence as a response to Google’s most recent revisions to its algorithm, little has been made in the way of progress when it comes to actually puzzling […]

What SMB Owners Can Take Away from Google’s Knowledge Graph

A few days ago, Google unveiled its newest search feature, Knowledge Graph, to network users. For those readers who are unfamiliar with the announced program, Knowledge Graph is being launched as a sidebar addition to the company’s search engine results. While the company’s SERPs will stay the way they’ve always been, the new feature will […]

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