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30 Need-to-Know Social Media Tools for 2014

I love milestones, so in honor of my 30th birthday I’ve created a roundup of the WebiMax Social Media Department’s favorite social media marketing tools for 2014. We use a combination of the following tools in order to help our clients succeed with social media. Social media managers: are there any tools that you use […]

3 Ways to Show Social Media Campaigns “Love” This Valentine’s Day

As an Internet marketing agency, social media is the heart of many of our clients’ campaigns. Here are three ways we are spreading the love by successfully incorporating Valentine’s Day into our social media marketing campaigns. 1. Create custom images. Payoff: increased engagement Because users are drawn to visual content on social media sites, it’s […]

WebiMax Helps Keep NJ Roadways Safe during This Year’s Big Game

You might be thinking to yourself, “What does a marketing agency have to do with the Big Game or drunk driving?” A lot, actually. The WebiMax Social Media Marketing Department manages the social media profiles of the State of New Jersey’s Division of Highway Traffic Safety. We help the Division spread their message of safe […]

3 Social Media Marketing Tips I Learned from My Dog

My dog Ollie is a great companion and through him I’ve learned a lot about the virtue of unconditional love. Recently I realized that the lessons he’s taught me about life can also be applied to work. Here are three social media marketing tips we can all learn from Ollie: Don’t beg! Ollie has learned […]

2014 Social Media Marketing Predictions

In the summer of 2012, I created the Social Media Marketing Department at WebiMax. Since then, our social media revenue has more than doubled. Why? Because social media marketing works. As WebiMax’s Social Media Strategist, it’s my responsibility to analyze the results of the tactics we implement for clients in dozens of industries to figure […]

Manager Monday: How to “Lean In” to Your Social Media Marketing Campaign

Last night, I started reading Sheryl Sandberg’s book Lean In: Women, Work, and the Will to Lead (and subsequently developed a strong feeling of jealousy that our Marketing Coordinator, Danelsy Medrano, saw her present at last month’s Greater Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce event). I’m not sure what captivated me more: Sandberg’s journey to becoming COO […]

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