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Smart CEO’s Brava! Awards Utilizes In-Event Tweeting, WebiMax Takes “Best Tweet”

Twitter is instantaneous, it is engaging, it is fun…and organizations across sectors continue to find new and interesting ways to use it for all different kinds of purposes. From promotion to personal customer engagement, Twitter has become an essential tool, and we have written to great length about this development here on the blog. A […]

Study Shows Social SERP Rankings for Personal Brands Driven by Social Activity

Since the launch of Google Search Plus Your World back in January, there have been continuous shifts and developments in the world of search and how social accounts, profiles, and posts appear in the SERPs of major search engines. Google indicated Google+ would be profiled more in the search results for logged-in users and Bing […]

Predictions for mCommerce in Europe Show Promise, Bright Spot of Economy

Online shopping has been rolling along in Europe like in the US and much of the rest of the world, both in emerging and developed markets. This is a trend that is showing no signs of slowing down despite still a shaky economic state around the globe and especially in Europe. A consistent bright spot […]

Convergence of Media Characterizes the Future of Global E-Commerce

E-Commerce continues to surge, even in an economy that although showing signs of a return has not accelerated and people remain concerned about their spending. The viability of e-commerce globally over the past two years especially in the US and across Europe though, two regions that have been hit hard by the recession, shows its […]

Google’s Transparency Report: The Censoring Story around the Globe

We touch on censoring a good amount on this blog, and I have written specifically in relation to different actions taken by various national governments around the globe. Covering these incidences, you could say that censoring has picked up around the world, but it is hard to track exactly to what degree. Enter the Google […]

Global Mobile Ad Spend Hits $5.3 Billion for 2011

Mobile search engine optimization and advertising is clearly on the rise, and this is no surprise if you have been following our writings or keeping an eye on the trending relevance of mobile marketing. New numbers are out now and they are telling as to how big the industry is. As indicated in the title […]

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