Category: AdWords

Category: AdWords

Tracking Conversions in PPC

One of the most effective methods of evaluating a PPC campaign is to track conversions. After all, don’t you want to see which ad-landing page relationship is most effective? Be careful, not all pay per click firms will do this for their clients. Contracting with the best PPC company will certainly guarantee you maximum results. […]

AdWords Adds New Metric; Estimated Top Page Bid

Google added a new function to their AdWords platform, Estimated Top Page Bid. This new section provides a rough estimation for how much the going rate is for specific keywords you may be including (or plan on including) in your PPC campaign. Bidding on keyword phrases can have a huge impact on your PPC advertising, […]

Google Adds Phone Support to AdWords

In a response to high demand, Google has added a new phone support feature to AdWords. People can now call in for support by dialing 1-866-2Google. This service runs from 9:00am EST to 8:00pm EST, Monday through Friday. Prior to this added feature, customer support was mainly thorough FAQs and forums. The newly added feature […]

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