Category: Amit Singhal

Category: Amit Singhal

Further Tweaking to “Farmer Update”

As any one of us could have imagined, the first announcement last week by Google on their “Content Farm Update” would not have been the first and only news we would have heard about this. In a report released yesterday (March 2, 2011), Google’s Amit Singhal announced that they are further “tweaking the algorithm to […]

Leaving Them Out To Pasture: Google’s Content Farms Update

Amid all of the recent news that has been hitting newspapers, online blogs and forums, Google continues their campaign on useless websites. Announced yesterday (Thursday, February 24, 2011), Content Farms are the most recent casualties, affecting 12% of websites. Content farms are websites (and companies) that have a lot of textual content, aimed at pleasing […]

Google to Bing – “You Stole Our Search Results!”

Google Inc. claimed last week that rival Microsoft’s search engine Bing stole their search results. A report surfaced last Tuesday, February 1, when Google claimed they ran a trap operation to test if Bing had in fact stolen their results. And of course, what happened? The mouse got caught! Google changed their search algorithms to […]

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