Category: Analytics

Category: Analytics

3 Common Misconceptions About Digital Marketing

I have been a Business Development Manager at WebiMax for the past year and a half, and in that time I have had the opportunity to speak with many company leaders spanning across different industries from all over the world. What I have learned in these conversations is that there are many common misconceptions about […]

SEO 101: Bringing It All Back Home

A common concern (or more accurately, misconception) amongst business owners is that Internet marketing is an unquantifiable or even abstract enterprise.  Although any SEO would vehemently disagree and offer up a plethora of resources which serve to disprove such claims; there are still doubters. So, how exactly does one measure the ROI of search engine […]

When ‘Bad’ Means ‘Good’ In Google Analytics

If you’re an SEO who interacts with clients, or even a small business owner keeping tabs on your traffic and visitor flow in Google Analytics, you have done the ‘Google Gasp’ a few times. It’s that moment your eyes grow wide, you lose your breath, and your stomach drops to your feet when you see […]

Google Analytics Adds Social Media Tracking

Google’s obviously jumping on the social media horse (addition of Google +) and furthers that today by now adding social media data to their analytic platform. Their +1 button data is built in to the platform, and they’ve released the coding that illustrates such social data including Engagement, Action and Pages. This coding for Facebook’s […]

Measuring Success of an SEO Campaign

Measuring the success of the search engine optimization campaign can take many forms. Since the internet is constantly changing, measurement and evaluation is the most important process of the SEO campaign, once it has begun and continues. In order to stay on top of changing conditions and to ensure the website is staying competitive, it […]

Google Analytics adds SEO Tools

Announced today, Google will be adding “Google Webmaster Tools” data directly to their Analytics platform. This is a big deal for SEO companies as a new section titled “Traffic Sources” and “Search Engine Optimization” with sub-sections displaying data of summary, queries, and landing pages. With this, people will be able to see how many impressions […]

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