Category: Analytics Platform

Category: Analytics Platform

Google Analytics adds SEO Tools

Announced today, Google will be adding “Google Webmaster Tools” data directly to their Analytics platform. This is a big deal for SEO companies as a new section titled “Traffic Sources” and “Search Engine Optimization” with sub-sections displaying data of summary, queries, and landing pages. With this, people will be able to see how many impressions […]

Call Tracking Services

Measure the success of your internet marketing campaign with Call Tracking Services by WebiMax. Call Tracking allows our clients to see which campaign is generating the most conversion rates whether it derives from search engine marketing, social media, or any other campaign we build for you. How does it work? By adding tracking code to […]

Google Updates Analytics Platform

Today, Google released a new updated version of their Analytics platform. Google analytics lets users view real-time data related of their webpages. The new update lets users create multiple dashboards, set interaction goals, and compare statistics over a period of time. The update also includes a performance enhancement that speeds up data processing. “Analytics are […]

As Panda Moves Abroad, Other Countries are Effected

This week, Google released their “Content Farm – Panda” update to all English speaking countries including Australia, the United Kingdom, and Canada, where WebiMax, an online marketing company specializing in search engine optimization (SEO), has expanded operations. The initial release of the Panda update took place in February, released only in the United States. Now […]

WebiMax Raises an Additional Round of Funding – Adds Seasoned Entrepreneur Kevin O’Brien to Management Team

Kenneth C. Wisnefski, Founder and CEO of WebiMax, the nation’s #1 rated search engine optimization (SEO) company, announced today that WebiMax received an undisclosed amount of private equity financing to expand operations. Seasoned Entrepreneur Kevin O’Brien, Principal and Co-Founder of Kalimex Inc. (a general construction company based in Ocean View, NJ) has been appointed Vice […]

Retaining Clients By Enhancing Communication

The most integral component of any relationship, whether it is personal, business, or buyer-seller is communication. Ask yourself, where would we be today if we were unable to communicate to our family, colleagues, or clients? In the business setting, the quality of communication that transpires between the buyer and seller typically does not appear in […]

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