Category: Bing

Category: Bing

Monthly comScore Results Place Google at #1 Once Again

Despite any snide comments that Google’s critics may have as of late, it’s clear that the company’s role in the search engine market remains unchallenged. With the Google glasses project only a few months away from going public (at least in a beta state) and the company’s cloud-based storage system now available for all users, […]

Getting the SEO Ball Rolling for Small Business Owners

Over the past several years, search engine optimization (SEO) has become increasingly popular for businesses of all shapes and sizes. Although large scale corporations and well-known retailers may rely primarily on TV and print for most of their advertising efforts, many companies also supplement their marketing campaigns with SEO-based operations online. What used to be […]

Facebook Enables Translation Service

Facebook has joined with Microsoft’s Bing to provide translation services on the popular social media platform. If a user wants to read someone’s page in a foreign country, a link will appear on the right side of the text with the translated text. Microsoft announced a new Microsoft Translator API last month. Bing sure does […]

Bing enhances Shopping Search

Bing has added a new feature to their shopping site on their search engine. When a user types a certain product (golf clubs, for example) the drop-down is automatically filled in with brands, types, variances, and arranged by department, and product. This new feature went live last week. They’ve done this as a way to […]

Microsoft’s bing Changes Rules of SEO

Announced yesterday, Microsoft’s search engine bing will now favor websites that have been “liked” on Facebook by your friends. This obviously changes the rules of search engine optimization (SEO) in that it doesn’t seem to matter the PageRank of the website, if users are logged in to Facebook (as indicated in the top banner) then […]

Microsoft Claims Google’s Apps Lack Certification

Microsoft Corp. is claiming that Google is deceptively misleading customers about the security of their various applications, representing another piece of the ongoing struggle between tech giants Microsoft and Google. Released in mid-February, Google caught Bing apparently stealing their search results. Microsoft claims that Google Apps for Government does not adhere to the security standards […]

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