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Last Minute Reminder: Join Our Webinar Tomorrow Morning!

On February 19th, WebiMax’s Danelsy Medrano will be presenting the “Internet Marketing 101” Webinar from the Greater Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce in Philadelphia, PA. While registrations are still open, space is limited both at the event and via WebEx conference, so click here to register now for an informative look into the present and future […]

3 Things Your Blog Needs to Stand Out

The popularity of blogging continues to grow with countless new blogs created each year and massive spikes of traffic making its way to blogs. Businesses have also recognized the many benefits that a blog provides their business. A blog allows businesses to easily and quickly reach a large online audience. Blogs not only help generate […]

Where and How to Use your Visual Media for Best Results

In yesterday’s blog post, I spoke at length about the necessity of high quality image and video assets in a company’s marketing efforts. With visual media becoming an increasingly useful tool in every internet advertising campaign, the race is on to secure photos and digital camera footage that users will find engaging. Whereas in my […]

Content Generation for Savvy SMB Owners: Blogging Basics

Many businesses these days are looking for ways to build up an online audience without having to pour endless hours into social networks. Facebook, Google+ and Twitter all serve as excellent venues for interacting with customers and brand followers, but their streamlined interfaces often lead to content that feels stilted and formulaic. Although company owners […]

SEO Value from Guest Blogging

There is SEO value in guest blogging. Guest blogging deals with networking with other bloggers, which grows relationships and increases website traffic to your Blog. There are 2 ways of guest blogging. Guest blogging on someone else’s blog includes writing a guest comment / post on their page. Guest blogging on your own blog is […]

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