Category: Blogger

Category: Blogger

Where and How to Use your Visual Media for Best Results

In yesterday’s blog post, I spoke at length about the necessity of high quality image and video assets in a company’s marketing efforts. With visual media becoming an increasingly useful tool in every internet advertising campaign, the race is on to secure photos and digital camera footage that users will find engaging. Whereas in my […]

Content Generation for Savvy SMB Owners: Blogging Basics

Many businesses these days are looking for ways to build up an online audience without having to pour endless hours into social networks. Facebook, Google+ and Twitter all serve as excellent venues for interacting with customers and brand followers, but their streamlined interfaces often lead to content that feels stilted and formulaic. Although company owners […]

Viral Marketing Campaigns

Looking for an innovative way of marketing your company or brand that sets you above the competition? Go Viral! Viral marketing breaks from the traditional methods of marketing, and acts to create an interactive, fun experience for both the buyer and seller. Typical methods include blogs, eBooks, flash movies, YouTube movies, and more. Usually, these […]

Google Gives Blogger a Makeover

Tech titan Google has added five new templates to their Blogger software, a move to help improve the visibility and navigation of the blog. The 5 new layouts are Mosaic, Flipcard, Timeslide, Sidebar, and Snapshot. In addition, there are “send feedback” and “learn more” tabs conveniently located at the top of the window. Any blog […]

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