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Category: blogs

Where and How to Use your Visual Media for Best Results

In yesterday’s blog post, I spoke at length about the necessity of high quality image and video assets in a company’s marketing efforts. With visual media becoming an increasingly useful tool in every internet advertising campaign, the race is on to secure photos and digital camera footage that users will find engaging. Whereas in my […]

“Tumblr” Your Way into a Good SEO Campaign

There many marketers out there who may have heard about Tumblr, but are struggling to grasp its true worth regarding search engine optimization. This unique form microblogging site actually contains a great deal of SEO potential that, if utilized properly, can really help boost a business or a brand. If you need any examples, just […]

The Power of Blogs

Bloggers feel as though we are our own authors, writing, informing, and providing rich quality content for others to read. In this age where social media, smartphones, and blogs essentially govern the lives of those in the spotlight, they can be magnificent mechanisms for exposure, or they can have negative effects on exposure. Consider the […]

The Importance of Writing Blogs

Although somewhat comical that our blog post today is on the importance of writing them, we at WebiMax strive to provide additional resources and information that people can use and benefit from. Now, on to today’s topic, the Importance of Using Blogs: Since we’re a search engine optimization (seo) company, let us start there. It […]

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