Category: Brand Loyalty

Category: Brand Loyalty

A Biggie Can’t Be Small

  Remember the movie, Hoosiers?  Remember the movie, Rocky?  Remember the movie, The Revenge of the Nerds?  Remember Napoleon Dynamite?  Well, perhaps you’re seeing the pattern here.  People are emotionally tied to the underdog, the small-time outfit, those who show character in the face of bigger competitors.  We often embrace the smaller entities.  Why?  Maybe […]

Blogging Shmogging – Who Needs a Company Blog Anyway?

  I’m not going to tell you to start a company blog because there are other ways to communicate brand messages and gain online traction.  However, if you do have a company blog, you should concentrate on making it better and providing more value to readers. It’s easy to say, “Start a blog.”  I know […]

Get Consumers, Workers, and Executives on the Same Branding Page

  Have you ever chatted with someone who presents a story to you that sounds familiar, except for some minor-to-major details, which have been shifted, embellished, and distorted?  It’s common in the world of gossip and akin to playing the game, whisper down the lane. I used to teach in high school, where cliques wax […]

Brand-Customize Social Media Use

  Maybe you’ve noticed.  The social aspect of online optimization is kind of a big deal.  Choose your social tools:  Twitter, Google Plus, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, etc.  The unrelenting buzz generated from the online world likely creates points of anxiety for small brands and business owners who don’t have all day to scrutinize marketing tips […]

How to Mis-tweet Your Brand’s Tweeps

  What do you think about using social media platform, Twitter?  What are the advantages?  What are brand expectations?  What’s the end?  What means are employed in getting there?  Are you gaining a lot of followers?  Are consumers impressed by the number of followers?  Is it about engagement or branding games? I read a great […]

Gentleman Branding –Is Your Company Worthy of a Tip o’ the Cap?

  How would you like to save marketing dollars by getting your brand valued within its community?  Wait.  The gentleman branding process doesn’t work for every person or brand.  There’s something I would like to point out to business people, regardless of your industry.  There’s one aspect which all of the online marketing, SEO, social […]

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