Category: Brand Loyalty

Category: Brand Loyalty

Branding or Just Fun and Games?

  Offline is mimicking online fervor.  All the ‘kids’ are doing it.  Multiple facets of business are better discovered, engaged, and shared on the Web.  We do and will see ongoing shifts.  Consider Danny Sullivan’s observations of the WSJ.  How about WSJ’s coverage of Verizon’s spectrum deal? Online is the place to be.  Like printed-news […]

Only Fools Rush Technology?

Technology!  It’s exciting!  It’s eye opening!  It may be hurting your brand!  Technology is moving at…modern-day computer speeds; it’s getting faster with each passing moment.  Yesterday, I wrote upon Apple’s newest iPad and analyst forecasts of mobile devices killing the ‘PC star.’ In Apple’s case, advanced technology is modifying the brand, filling iPad revenue streams […]

Add Brand Personification to Online Optimization

What’s the importance of a business’ personality?  That might seem like an odd question; isn’t your business a thing, not a person?  Sure, but creating associations to your company is a large part of branding, a process not to be ignored.  I referenced personification this week in a post about getting consumer attention.  Maybe for […]

The Search for Endless Brand Attention

How’s your brand getting attention today?  There are in-house and external ways to beckon attention.  Seek search engine optimization information; vendors offer an array of choices, addressing technical, social, and copywriting needs.  Do you want ongoing commerce from customers once you have their immediate attention?  While SEO offers opportunities to drive traffic to your site, […]

What’s So Super About Your Brand?

The culmination of the football season is knocking at this weekend’s door.  Who’s going to win the big game!?  My personal excitement is feigned; I share sentiments with another ‘Googler.’  However, I do hope your consumers view your brand as a ‘giant’ in its industry and a ‘patriot’ regarding customer service and meeting mission statements. […]

2012 – The Year of the Consumer?

A couple weeks back, I wrote a post about the changing dynamic between consumers and brands.  It could be the pesky, tenacious “recession,” that won’t go away like socially-inept relatives after the holiday season, making consumers a bit more perceptive and sensitive in the pocket.  Additionally, it could be the popularity of social media platforms […]

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