Category: Brand Management

Category: Brand Management

All I Need to Know About User Trust, I Learned from the Superheroes

User Trust Isn’t the Only Thing – It’s EVERYthing. Conversion Optimization has taught me… If a User does not extend Trust to your website, they are not going to communicate or transact. The lessons seem familiar. Could it be that I learned all I need to know about User Trust from the Superheroes? Loss of […]

Be Proactive Regarding Your Brand

Whether it’s your personal name or your brand name, how that moniker appears on the Internet is how many people perceive it.  Just think of how many people you know that use the Web to gather the information that they need. Nearly every single person that you pass in a public place has their fingers […]

WebiMax Announces the Launch of

MOUNT LAUREL, NJ (OCT. 17, 2012) – Kenneth Wisnefski, founder and CEO of WebiMax, the fastest growing private company in New Jersey on the Inc. 500, announced the unveiling of a new website aimed at  providing valuable information on brand management and reputation management for medium and large-sized businesses.  Brand Management dot com delivers important […]

The Chapstick Brand Management Nightmare and How NOT to Use Social Media

How can lip balm be controversial? Just ask Chapstick – they’ve managed to offend a lot of people with the image they chose for a new advertisement and, moreover, how they chose to deal with the backlash on their Facebook page. Chapstick is the latest example of a brand mishandling negativity over a new advertising […]

Reputation Maintenance: A Long-Term Plan for Penn State

For those of you who may have missed my recent appearance on FOX News to discuss Penn State’s reputation management issues, I mentioned the value of social media and its role in their online identity.  In social media, in the SERPs and in the press, PSU faces a challenging road to re-establishing their brand.  While […]

The Magic Algorithm Says Your Brand Will Become…

  He did everything he was supposed to.  He sacrificed his free time to study.  He was in band, SGA, and helped at a local convalescent home.  He got rave reviews from several teachers and the principal of the high school.  But, it wasn’t enough.  A former student of mine didn’t get into his ‘A-list’ […]

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