Category: Brand Reputation

Category: Brand Reputation

A Tale of Few Coffee Shops

  I spend a lot of time engaging in the reading/writing trenches, nestled into corners of various coffee shops.  I’ve paraded face in quite a few in my day.  So much, in fact, I think I’ve noticed some favorable marketing aspects and some which could use a caffeine-infused wakeup. Of course, a post speaking specifically […]

How Brand Followers Become Frequent Flyers

  Those, native to Philadelphia, are no strangers to professional sports teams.  Philly’s got a couple of great ones, the Flyers among them.  In attempts to exorcise their playoff opponent, the ‘Flyguys’ were eliminated this year.  True fans are disappointed but hardly turned off of the team, the brand, the Flyers.     It may […]

Capitalizing on Emerging Markets; Opportunities Abound in the “New BRIC” Countries

Technology and the internet have driven wide growth and innovation around the world, but this has been most widely felt in developed countries where more people have been able to take advantage of these innovations and the opportunities they create. Now, looking ahead, many economists and business analysts are looking to emerging markets as the […]

Time is of the Social Sense

  Is timing ‘everything’?  I’ve heard such suggestions before, feeling intimidated by the notion of minding yet another factor.  Should I go to the grocery store because I’m hungry; and, because it’s dinnertime?  Should I wait until the crowd subsides?  Should I turn the Flyers game off now while they’re still ahead as not to […]

Monster’s Price Scares Potential Partners

Remember childhood soft-drink selections?  There was Coke, Pepsi, 7-up, and possibly some Capri Sun if your mom was super cool.  Today’s variety is broader.  There are sports beverages, flavored water, fruit drinks, energy drinks, and more. By volume sold, guess which drink manufacturer has the most impressive sales record in the US?  It’s a Monster!  […]

Stop Stepford Branding

  This post will be about branding.  Branding is good for online marketing.  It expresses passion…which is very unlike my first few lines here.  Did you find yourself doing ‘the robot’ as you were reading them?  I do that sometimes on and off the dance floor.  The latter occurs when reading generic posts.  Who’s the […]

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