Category: Content farms

Category: Content farms

SEO Value Brought to Bear Regarding Content Farm “Victory”

Most people have positive, cuddly associations to pandas.  Google changed that for a lot of online businesses back in February by implementing ongoing Panda updates.  Last week, an online source revealed data related to the updates’ influence on search rankings.  It seems things are going as planned; the SERPs are populated with better results, indirectly […]

Leaving Them Out To Pasture: Google’s Content Farms Update

Amid all of the recent news that has been hitting newspapers, online blogs and forums, Google continues their campaign on useless websites. Announced yesterday (Thursday, February 24, 2011), Content Farms are the most recent casualties, affecting 12% of websites. Content farms are websites (and companies) that have a lot of textual content, aimed at pleasing […]

Google Continues Crackdown on Dishonest SEO Tactics

Google continues their strict crackdown on illegitimate SEO tactics; “Content farms” is the new target. In a recent announcement on Google’s official Blog, they are adding an extension to their Chrome web browser that allows people to block out certain websites from showing on their search results. Not only does the end-user get the chance […]

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