Category: E-Commerce

Category: E-Commerce

WebiMax is Excited to Attend the Largest E-Commerce Event in the World

Today kicks off the Internet Retailer Commerce Event of 2013, otherwise known as the largest e-commerce event in the world, and WebiMax is proud to be attending! This two-day event, taking place on June 4th and June 7th, consists of a slew of workshops and talks from noteworthy speakers for representatives from online companies to […]

Turning Website Visits into Sales

From the dawn of e-commerce, self-proclaimed Internet gurus have preached that bringing more visitors to your website will increase your sales (conversions).   So, the question is, do more visitors equal more conversions?  Yes, but there is a caveat.  You have less control over the amount of visitors that come to your website, and you need […]

E-Commerce Solutions in Growing Demand

WebiMax offers complete and comprehensive e-commerce solutions for your business. With WebiMax, there are many options and the opportunities are endless! With e-commerce, you can now sell your products and services right on your website. Not only will our team of design experts implement your e-commerce strategy to your website, we’ll help create an interactive […]

WebiMax 2011 – A Powerful Start

So far in 2011, we have learned so much. Oil is surging over Middle East conflict, Charlie Sheen is winning with TigerBlood, and social media is being used in a whole new way by advertisers (see our blog titled “Social Media – The New Marketing”). One more thing learned is the strong start to the […]

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