Category: ecommerce

Category: ecommerce

Google Wallet Launch Expected Today

Google Wallet is expected to launch today, as we covered back in May when the system was announced. The new system strategically places Google right in the heart of the multi-billion dollar mobile payments industry. The move to take market share away from PayPal sparked a lawsuit back in May, claiming two former PayPal employees […]

Target’s Website Crashes – Poor Website Infrastructure the Culprit

Target, Inc. (the retailer recognized as Wal-Mart’s biggest competition) missed a huge opportunity this past Tuesday when their website crashed due to significant demand and traffic. Italian designers Margherita Missoni and Angela Missoni designed an affordable line of clothing that was to be sold exclusively at Target and available online for purchase. This brought outrageous […]

eBay Acquires ECommerce Platform Magento

Announced today, eBay, Inc. will acquire Magento, a popular (and highly reputable) ecommerce platform. Magento was founded several years ago and has grown from a basic open source platform to an industry leader. eBay is planning to use Magento to create a new open commerce platform, called “X.Commerce”. The acquisition is expected to close in […]

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