Category: Facebook

Category: Facebook

Don’t Panic: A SMB Owner Guide to Surviving the Facebook Blues

The last two weeks have been an incredibly stressful time for every web-focused company. Between Facebook’s recent woes concerning its IPO and General Motors pulling out of its in-network marketing, there’s been more than a little bit of uncertainty in the SEO and online marketing communities as of late. Many of our readers no doubt […]

Using ‘Gamification’ to Strengthen your Social Media Standing

Although the term may sound like made-up internet jargon (and to some extent it is), “gamification” is a real trend and one that has become increasingly common in society. The phrase itself refers to the rising prevalence of game-like mechanics across non-game-related media in our daily lives. Regular users of mobile apps such as Foursquare […]

Did GM Drive Away From Facebook Too Quickly?

The backing out with no indication of GM coming back isn’t going to leave FB a shattered entity.  The $10 million in GM dollars is a minor portion of Facebook’s $3.7 billion.  But as New York Times reporters mentioned, the dispute could get the ‘neighborhood’ talking, especially considering FB is about to go more public […]

Getting in the Conversation Between Social Media Users

Although social media users swap countless IMs and posts across PCs and laptops every month, most people fail to realize the amount of direct messaging that takes place between mobile device owners through those same social networks. According to a blog published just a few days ago on the New York Times website, a number […]

Microsoft and Facebook, Social Data in Search Results, & What It Means for Businesses

The push is coming, or has it already begun? The push from Microsoft and Yahoo (but considering Yahoo’s recent issues, let’s concentrate on Microsoft and it’s Bing search engine) to stand up to Google and offer formidable competition has been in the works for some time. Now, Microsoft is not backing from the challenge, instead […]

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