Category: finding an seo firm

Category: finding an seo firm

If Your Business Doesn’t Look Good, an SEO Firm Doesn’t Look Good

Are you debating as to whether to approach an SEO firm for help? There is plenty of literature available on the Web that both celebrates and condemns search engine optimization (SEO) and the companies that provide the service. The truth is, like any other business, there are good, bad, and all businesses in between. Years […]

Finding an Affordable SEO Services Company

Putting a price tag on SEO services isn’t the same as putting a price tag on a pair of jeans. With SEO services, you’re trying to put a price on visibility—not exactly a concrete product. Naturally, this level of ambiguity produces a diverse spectrum of SEO pricing. So for those of you on the buying […]

Good Content Makes Good SEO

Content writing is a major part in the functioning of Webimax as an SEO firm. Content writers are the ones who write the blogs, articles and press releases for the clients. There are times that you may need to write about something that doesn’t necessarily spark your interest. This is where you have to have […]

How to Avoid Common Misconceptions in SEO

The world of Search Engine Optimization has grown so quickly that it has enabled less than reputable firms to try and “cash in” on it’s widespread interest. Google itself even references this notion in their Webmaster Central comments on SEO. Some of the most common instances of this I have found include the following scenarios: […]

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