Category: Google +1

Category: Google +1

Manager Monday: How Local Businesses can take advantage of Google Plus

A study published by the ad agency Chitika earlier in October of 2012 had found that over 24% of all Google search queries carried out have local intent. Yahoo and Bing users were slightly higher bringing the average of the 3 major search engines to just over 26%. With 1/4th of all searches on the […]

Google+ Local Replaces Google Place; What SMBs Should Know

Just yesterday, Google made a pretty significant announcement of which every business owner should take note. In an attempt to further combine its social media efforts with its focus on independently-owned companies, Google has integrated its Google Places program into Google+ Local. While the benefits of this consolidation many not be immediately apparent to everyone, […]

Google+ Redesign is the Perfect Time for Businesses to Join Up

Those business owners who turn to social media sites for customer traffic are known to rely just a little too heavily on Facebook. Sure, the world’s biggest social network continues to expand its influence, and it’s a given that it will grow towards a projected one billion users by year’s end. While there’s certainly no […]

Is Our Use of Technology Outpacing Our Privacy?

Some people, outside of the online industry, shun particular gadgets and platforms, whether it’s due to a technologically-inept understanding or a refusal to partake, to keep “private” matters private.  One can unabashedly share information (information ultimately available to whom?) or try to maintain a modicum of privacy in an age where people use the Internet […]

Is the Social Sphere Big Enough for Google+ and Facebook?

Do you think Facebook and Google+ would befriend one another on social sites? Google does a lot of things well; its search engine and paid ad platform are obvious examples. Google has enjoyed a lot of popularity and exposure in this century. Do you need to look something up online? Google it; Wait, (“Google” it?) […]

Additional 2011 SEO Recap & Insights

I recently posted a “SEO 2011 Year in Review” article on Search Engine Journal, which sited many of the exciting algorithmn updates this past year as well as other items supporting the proclomation of Mobile and Social being key SEO performance mediums this year. This becomes ever increasingly verified with the latest 10 algorithm updates […]

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