Category: google analytics

Category: google analytics

3 Common Misconceptions About Digital Marketing

I have been a Business Development Manager at WebiMax for the past year and a half, and in that time I have had the opportunity to speak with many company leaders spanning across different industries from all over the world. What I have learned in these conversations is that there are many common misconceptions about […]

Now on YouTube! “SEO 2014: The Key Metrics Beyond Rankings”

One of the most important shifts in recent SEO history is the way that important metrics are captured and analyzed. Traditionally, SEO focused on the movement of individual keywords in the search engine results pages to show the success of a campaign. Today, a strong SEO strategy incorporates social media and public relations as well […]

Manager Monday: 5 Google Analytics Features Your Business isn’t Utilizing

WebiMax is dedicated to bettering the online presence of our clients with best practice onsite and offsite marketing. However, our marketing efforts are only as valuable as the data and tracking information we use to mark the progress of our campaigns. Most online companies do use a form of data tracking; in fact, more than […]

Analytics Tools Prove Invaluable to your Website Management

Website management can be an incredibly tricky business for any webmaster or site owner. Although creating a site from scratch can be difficult enough, it’s getting web traffic and conversion rates that ultimately becomes the greatest challenge for so many of us in the industry. Startup company and small business owners in particular tend to […]

Social Traffic in Google Analytics

Social media should be a part of any successful Internet marketing campaign, but measuring the impact of your efforts previously required additional tools or creating advanced segments in Google Analytics. Now, social media traffic is much more accessible to the more casual GA user. In March, Google announced their new Social Media conversion tracking tool […]

Google Analytics Adds Social Media Tracking

Google’s obviously jumping on the social media horse (addition of Google +) and furthers that today by now adding social media data to their analytic platform. Their +1 button data is built in to the platform, and they’ve released the coding that illustrates such social data including Engagement, Action and Pages. This coding for Facebook’s […]

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