Category: google. panda

Category: google. panda

Google CEO “We can do a better job describing our changes”

When Google CEO Eric Schmidt spoke that the United States Senate hearings back in September, he was asked if the company’s methods could be a bit more transparent. The CEO of the search engine titan replied “There is a limit to the amount of transparency – it is proprietary and if it was more open […]

Google Algorithm Updates Revealed

As Google continues to update their search algorithms, it seems as though they are updated every-day. Actually, they are! Matt Cutts announced that they “change the algorithms all time time”. The most recent and talked about changes include the infamous Panda Update, and then there was Panda 2.0, Panda 3.0, and so on. We give […]

Panda 2.2 Makes a Silent Attack

At the beginning of last week, we at WebiMax started seeing another wave of movements in search engine rankings that suggested to us Panda 2.2 update was live. Unannounced at first, Google now confirmed today that this was in fact the case. Although we’ve all known that the update would be arriving shortly, no one […]

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