Category: google panda update

Category: google panda update

Panda 2.2 Makes a Silent Attack

At the beginning of last week, we at WebiMax started seeing another wave of movements in search engine rankings that suggested to us Panda 2.2 update was live. Unannounced at first, Google now confirmed today that this was in fact the case. Although we’ve all known that the update would be arriving shortly, no one […]

Google Announces Panda 2.2 Update

Earlier today at the Search Marketing Expo, Google’s Matt Cutts announced that they have developed an update to the Panda algorithm, version 2.2. He further stated that the update has been officially approved, and they are waiting to send it out, which should happen any day now. Further tweaking and some “clean-up” work will be […]

Google’s Panda Update Continues to Disrupt

Kenneth C. Wisnefski, founder and CEO of WebiMax, the #1 rated SEO firm in the United States and Australia, has been astounded by the impact of the Google Panda update “our phones have literally been ringing off the hook with businesses seeking assistance with the effects of this algorithm change”. On February 24, 2011, search […]

You Got Panda’d!

WebiMax has been closely following the updates and results of Google’s recent Panda International Update. The following are the Top 100 affected domains located in the United Kingdom. […] Gets Google Penalty Lifted

In February, we reported on who was caught by Google for using questionable search engine optimization (seo) tactics in improving their PageRank. In a report announced by the company today, Google officially lifted their ban on Overstock, a ban that had sent them to no man’s land on their search engine results. In case […]

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