Category: google places

Category: google places

Google+ Local Replaces Google Place; What SMBs Should Know

Just yesterday, Google made a pretty significant announcement of which every business owner should take note. In an attempt to further combine its social media efforts with its focus on independently-owned companies, Google has integrated its Google Places program into Google+ Local. While the benefits of this consolidation many not be immediately apparent to everyone, […]

Mobile Phone Users Rely Heavily on Just-in-Time Information

Like a prediction straight out of a 80s sci-fi movie, everyone from teenagers to adults is constantly connected to one another these days via mobile phones. Over the course of the last six years, the prevalence and speed by which Blackberries, tablet PCs and smartphones have spread have become increasingly pronounced. As I discussed several […]

Getting the SEO Ball Rolling for Small Business Owners

Over the past several years, search engine optimization (SEO) has become increasingly popular for businesses of all shapes and sizes. Although large scale corporations and well-known retailers may rely primarily on TV and print for most of their advertising efforts, many companies also supplement their marketing campaigns with SEO-based operations online. What used to be […]

Google+ For Business; Why We Like It

Prior to Google+ entering the social media market, businesses (both large and small) had 4 major platforms including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube to market their business.  The release of Google+ for business gives marketers and advertisers some additional features that are not available on other social media platforms.  Noteworthy features include Circles, +1 integration, […]

Google Places and Local Search Gets Updated

Google announced that their local search service “Google Places”, will now allow the local business to submit their data including business hours, address, name, and more directly. This more streamlined process places more trust in the business. Google stated “the organic listing will automatically be updated and the business owner will be sent an email […]

Google Adds Interior Photos on Places

Today, Google announced at the Social-Loco conference in San Francisco, that they will be updating their famous Places tool to include the interior photos of local businesses. This will be most useful in downtown local business districts where the cliental are regular visitors. It will be mostly advantageous for bars, restaurants, and coffee shops to […]

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