Category: Google Plus

Category: Google Plus

Showcase Your Brand’s Sweet Offerings on Google+

Should my brand be using Google+?  That is a question posed to many SEO and online marketing professionals by business owners who are novices to online practices.  Coincidentally, I read a post this morning, calling social’s benefit to business into question.  Google’s social media platform is still very young; the passing of time will help […]

Excuse Me, Am I in the Web’s Fiction or Non-Fiction Section?

Are you on team Edward or team Jacob?  Oops wrong drama; I meant, are you on team Google or team Twitter?  I’m on team “user experience” myself; I always had to blaze my own trails.  If you have been vacationing on Mars the last few days, there’s been some talk in the SEO world regarding […]

Take Your Keyword Rankings on Google Personally

One of your new, enthusiastic SEO clients, especially one who owns a local business, searches Google for one of his keywords only to see one of his pages ranking very well. Only a week into his campaign, he frantically calls his project manager to relay the awesome news only to learn the truth: his search […]

Recent Google+ Move Puts Competition in Check?

It’s been an interesting season for online marketing and the search engine optimization industry.  As SEO practitioners closely follow the evolution of search, it’s becoming more apparent personal trends and social media engagement are making way into the SERPs.  Google, the most coveted of SEs, suffered a blow to its ego in 2010, a year […]

Facebook Remains FREE

A spammy report surfaced over the weekend stating Facebook was planning on charging for membership to the social media page. The company addressed this today by stating: “a rumor on the internet caught our attention. We have no plans to charge for Facebook.It is free and always will be”. The false rumor stated that there […]

Google Plus: Not Just another Social Media Service

By now, just about everyone’s heard of social media. After all, even the Pope has a Twitter account. But what about social SEO? With the introduction of Google Plus, social SEO has become an industry buzz word—and for good reason. As most people are aware, Google will soon launch its own social network platform called […]

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