Category: Google

Category: Google

Learning to Persevere and Never Fear in Today’s SEO Climate

It’s impossible to read the latest news in our industry without noticing the tone of immediate concern that so many others have. Ever since the more recent Panda updates started taking a significant toll on SERPs linked with popular trending keywords, everyone has been pointing at Google and blaming the company for the increasingly poor […]

Handwritten Search: Google’s New Offering

Google continues to roll out new offerings with their primary product: search. Moving into the mobile market, the social space, and other areas, Google has constantly been trying their hand at new functions, growing their reach and relevance, and for their sake, an ever-increasing user-base that enjoys what they offer. Even in the midst of […]

A New Kind of Link Profile

Link building strategies have come a long way since the early days of SEO and search algorithm updates such as Google’s Panda and Penguin have made the process even more complex.  Formerly, link profiles existed merely to bolster the authority of pages within the SERPs.  However, the quality of those backlinks was not deemed to […]

Panda Data Refresh Hits Web, What Are You Doing About It?

If you’re a website owner who’s noticed your site’s standings in the Google SERPs have dropped in the last 48 hours, then you’ll likely already know who (or what) is to blame for it. Back on Tuesday, Google ran a data refresh for Panda which, according to the company’s predictions, affected around 1% of its […]

Marissa Mayer as CEO Sheds Light Into Yahoo’s Future Potential

Marissa Mayer has been a larger player at Google through her 13 years there. She was the 20th employee and has held different positions on her way to the top, from designer and engineer to product manager and VP of various projects. She has a focus on end-user design for various products and platforms, and […]

Google+ Lags in Activity But Tops Customer Satisfaction Index

Customer satisfaction has always been important regardless of product or service type, and even industry. We all instinctively know this, experience it as consumers ourselves, and try to deliver it for our own customers if applicable in your line of work. Now, it is a unique exercise in addressing customer satisfaction for social networking platforms […]

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