Category: social media campaigns

Category: social media campaigns

3 Ways to Show Social Media Campaigns “Love” This Valentine’s Day

As an Internet marketing agency, social media is the heart of many of our clients’ campaigns. Here are three ways we are spreading the love by successfully incorporating Valentine’s Day into our social media marketing campaigns. 1. Create custom images. Payoff: increased engagement Because users are drawn to visual content on social media sites, it’s […]

Tapping into a Burgeoning Market with SEO: Mobile Phone Users

In the world of online marketing, there’s a particular crowd of internet users that have provided advertisers with quite the dilemma for years. While office-bound white collar workers and Generation Z teens are exceptionally active when it comes to interacting with web-based ads, it’s been the mobile user market that has eluded many marketing firms […]

Social Media Selection Made Simple: Location-Focused Networks

As social media websites become the focal point of countless internet advertising firms, so too have small business owners come to depend on social networks for their ongoing marketing campaigns. While Facebook is the primary social website for many companies these days, the fact is that there is no shortage of social media sites to […]

Google+ Redesign is the Perfect Time for Businesses to Join Up

Those business owners who turn to social media sites for customer traffic are known to rely just a little too heavily on Facebook. Sure, the world’s biggest social network continues to expand its influence, and it’s a given that it will grow towards a projected one billion users by year’s end. While there’s certainly no […]

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