Category: Keywords

Category: Keywords

Two Free and Awesome Alternatives to the Retired Google Keyword Tool

It was all too easy. You didn’t need to sign in … you didn’t need an Adwords account … and you didn’t get bid suggestions when you didn’t want them. It was an easy, ultra-credible source of search traffic statistics directly from the source – Google. Replaced by the Keyword Planner, the Google Keyword Tool […]

Growing, Growing, Gone: The Rise of Long Form Content and Long Tail Keywords

Gone like a home run – not into the abyss. Recently, I came across two great articles by Neil Patel, co-founder of KISSmetrics, and Brian Gardner, founder of Studiopress. They both had one word in common – LONG. They also confirmed what I already believed to be true: 1) long form content dominates search rankings […]

Choosing Keywords to Match Your Business

Choosing keywords for your business’s website can be tricky.  But it’s something you have to do if you want people to find your business on the Web. I always like to take some time to learn about the site and understand what it will take for someone to get there. It’s good to put yourself […]

Keyword Implementation isn’t Dying, it’s Simply Changing

For the last twenty years, numerous SEO companies and internet advertisers have depended on keywords as being a guiding light for search engine indexers and site crawlers. A tactic commonly used by ethical and unethical online marketing agencies alike, heavily emphasized keyword implementation was so pervasive throughout the web development community that almost everyone has […]

How Businesses can Create High Quality Content Post-Penguin

Tomorrow marks one month since the debut of Google’s Penguin, and everyone is still trying to make sense of the update. While a couple websites have come into existence as a response to Google’s most recent revisions to its algorithm, little has been made in the way of progress when it comes to actually puzzling […]

What SMB Owners Can Take Away from Google’s Knowledge Graph

A few days ago, Google unveiled its newest search feature, Knowledge Graph, to network users. For those readers who are unfamiliar with the announced program, Knowledge Graph is being launched as a sidebar addition to the company’s search engine results. While the company’s SERPs will stay the way they’ve always been, the new feature will […]

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