Category: local search

Category: local search

Losing the Street in Streetviews: Google Patents a Walking Stick

The research and development team at Google doesn’t alway focus upon search algorithms. Sometimes their efforts seem more suited to Indiana Jones than Luke Skywalker. In the past year we’ve seen Google map the Grand Canyon using pack donkeys and a team exploring the depths of the Canyon. Google has been mapping the underwater surfaces […]

A Smarter Approach to Organic Ranking: Specified Keywords

As the foundation of any SEO-focused marketing campaign, keywords are always the driving force for any industry. More often than not, business owners take an approach to their keyword selection that emphasizes quantity over quality. While generalized keywords do have the potential to bring in a large, broad user demographic, sometimes a far more specific […]

Google Places and Local Search Gets Updated

Google announced that their local search service “Google Places”, will now allow the local business to submit their data including business hours, address, name, and more directly. This more streamlined process places more trust in the business. Google stated “the organic listing will automatically be updated and the business owner will be sent an email […]

Google Maps Adds “Helicopter” View

Google Maps added a few new features this week, including “Helicopter” view. The new view provides a fly-over view of the route the user specifies between two destinations. This new 3D view is available to users that have the Google Earth plug-in installed on their computer. This not only adds enhanced video and viewing capabilities, […]

Google Maps Enhanced with Weather

Google Maps has another layer of data, now featuring weather provided by This added feature is great especially for mobile users who are looking up locations on their smartphone, they will be able to see the weather and make a traveling decision. Google announced this last week on their official blog. In addition to […]

Local Search Visibility Services

Local Search Visibility is a service that has emerged in recent years as Google has made a strong push to introduce (and enhance) local search. This service works well for companies that want to focus in a geographically defined area. For example, small businesses, media and legal services, (and much more) that wants to focus […]

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