Category: Managing Reviews

Category: Managing Reviews

WebiMax Reviews Site

The leader in online Reputation Management has launched a new website, aimed at explaining the reviews process that is so integral to online marketing. WebiMax Reviews include the processes used that make the company the #1 rated Reputation Management firm by It takes more than just sitting back and waiting for customers to post […]

Are You Paying Attention to What is Said About Your Business Online?

Reputation Management is one of the most important components of owning a business in today’s fast paced environment. With the explosion of social media, more and more people have platforms to discuss experiences they have had with businesses, products, and services. With this comes the requirement for reputation management or social media companies to become […]

The Importance of Managing Reviews

At any time of the day, buyers and critics can be reviewing your products and brand. They can be discussing their buying experience, offering feedback, or profiling your products on consumer report websites. Since this can be taking place at any time, it is extremely critical to manage reviews to ensure that the best things […]

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