Category: Matt Cutts

Category: Matt Cutts

Does Google Consider SEO to be Spam?

Google’s Matt Cutts addressed this question on the Google Webmaster Help YouTube channel in early August, to clarify that SEO is not spam. Cutts states that optimizing a webpage through white-hat, ethical tactics, is a strategic tactic to enhance the visibility of a website on search engines. The search engine optimization industry has unfortunately been […]

Google CEO “We can do a better job describing our changes”

When Google CEO Eric Schmidt spoke that the United States Senate hearings back in September, he was asked if the company’s methods could be a bit more transparent. The CEO of the search engine titan replied “There is a limit to the amount of transparency – it is proprietary and if it was more open […]

Google Announces Panda 2.2 Update

Earlier today at the Search Marketing Expo, Google’s Matt Cutts announced that they have developed an update to the Panda algorithm, version 2.2. He further stated that the update has been officially approved, and they are waiting to send it out, which should happen any day now. Further tweaking and some “clean-up” work will be […]

Leaving Them Out To Pasture: Google’s Content Farms Update

Amid all of the recent news that has been hitting newspapers, online blogs and forums, Google continues their campaign on useless websites. Announced yesterday (Thursday, February 24, 2011), Content Farms are the most recent casualties, affecting 12% of websites. Content farms are websites (and companies) that have a lot of textual content, aimed at pleasing […]

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