Category: Microsoft

Category: Microsoft

Smart Move Sharing Microsoft’s SmartGlass?

Remember the days of Nintendo vs. Sega?  Things were simple then.  If you hung around enough peers, you were likely granted access to both gaming systems.  Things got mighty complicated in later years…more buttons, manufacturers, attachments, etc. The latest turn in gaming technology leads to “SmartGlass,” a revolution in entertainment.  The Microsoft software will combine […]

Bing enhances Shopping Search

Bing has added a new feature to their shopping site on their search engine. When a user types a certain product (golf clubs, for example) the drop-down is automatically filled in with brands, types, variances, and arranged by department, and product. This new feature went live last week. They’ve done this as a way to […]

Google Acquires Motorola Mobility for $12.5 billion

Announced today, Google purchased Motorola Mobility (widely known as the builder of Motorola’s cellphones and tablets) for $12.5 billion. Motorola Mobility significantly helped the company return to stronger revenue with its line of Android based smartphones. Some analysts say this shines light on future plans for Google (including the development of Google Tablets), however most […]

Microsoft Claims Google’s Apps Lack Certification

Microsoft Corp. is claiming that Google is deceptively misleading customers about the security of their various applications, representing another piece of the ongoing struggle between tech giants Microsoft and Google. Released in mid-February, Google caught Bing apparently stealing their search results. Microsoft claims that Google Apps for Government does not adhere to the security standards […]

Google to Bing – “You Stole Our Search Results!”

Google Inc. claimed last week that rival Microsoft’s search engine Bing stole their search results. A report surfaced last Tuesday, February 1, when Google claimed they ran a trap operation to test if Bing had in fact stolen their results. And of course, what happened? The mouse got caught! Google changed their search algorithms to […]

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