Category: mobile applications

Category: mobile applications

How Do I Market My App?

Developers who are at the marketing stage of maximizing awareness for their products need to be familiar with app store optimization (ASO). Mobile device users typically resort to store searches first when looking for new apps of interest, and it should come as no surprise that 63 percent of new discoveries of mobile device applications […]

Mobile and Social Holiday Engagement: What You Need to Know For Success

As mobile continues to expand, it’s important for businesses to understand how mobile and social usage is changing engagement between brands and consumers during the holiday season if they want to be successful. More consumers (42%) plan to shop on their smartphones and tablets this year compared to just a year ago. Mobile retail sales […]

5 Must-Have Mobile Apps for Black Friday 2012

Thanksgiving is just around the corner and I can taste it already.  Can you? No, I’m not talking about the mounds of savory stuffing and tender turkey smothered in grandma’s gravy (how’s that for some Thanksgiving alliteration).  I’m talking about the sweet taste of accomplishment after tracking down a coveted Black Friday deal. But how […]

Why Google’s Predictive Personal Assistant is better than Siri

This summer, Google announced that they were coming out with a program called Google Now, which seems to be Google’s answer to Siri. As a digital assistant, it anticipates your informational and situational needs almost before you do. The original Siri patent, Intelligent Automated Assistant, is filled with details on different options it might include […]

Reaching Customers via Mobile

Over the years mobile communication has drastically changed. What started as a simple hand-held mobile phone that offered a limited amount of time to talk, but the ability to be used wherever, has significantly expanded in functionality and design. Today, with their small, compact size and various technologies and features, cell phones have not only […]

Real Estate Professionals Buy into Social Media because it Sells

Are you a real estate professional looking to gain more customers? If so, then you better get started on joining social media sites. With real estate professionals on a constant search to find the best method of reaching potential home buyers or sellers, social networking has become the new outlet for reaching audiences with 84% […]

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