Category: mobile payments

Category: mobile payments

Facebook’s New Peer to Peer Payment Feature: The Future of Mobile Money

Millennials have learned to quickly adapt to the way mobile technology fundamentally changes the way simple tasks are performed; wireless cashless payments serve as a good case and point. Recently Facebook targeted the millennial generation with their own payment feature that works through their Messenger app. The app will allow Facebook friends to transfer money […]

Easier and “Secure” Payment Functionality, Next Catalysts for M-Commerce

Smartphone adoption and usage continues to increase in the US and throughout the world. Alongside this growth, however, is the surge in m-commerce behavior users engage in on their smartphones. The devices allow consumers to manage their entire shopping experience from gathering product information and comparing prices to making the final purchase. As such, mobile […]

Google Wallet Meets Roadblock on Pursuit of Ecommerce System

Reports surfaced that Verizon (with other major wireless carriers expected to follow suite) has blocked Google Wallet from being used on their devices including the new Galaxy Nexus.  The wireless company stated security concerns over the ecommerce system caused them to make the devices incompatible with Google Wallet. Jeffrey Nelson, a company spokesman for Verizon […]

Google Wallet Makes NJ Presence

Google Wallet, the new electronic self-checkout system that aims to simplify common purchases, reportedly entered into a contract with New Jersey Transit, the NJ based mass-transit system that includes Trains, Busses, and Subway systems in and out of New York and Pennsylvania. The company announced this week that they are implementing the ecommerce system to […]

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