Category: mobile site design

Category: mobile site design

Is Your Site Mobile Ready? Responding to Google’s Mobile Push

Last November, Google announced yet another algorithmic change with the potential to significantly impact website search engine rankings. Currently untitled, this latest algorithm is just one of many changes the search engine giant has made throughout the course of the year in an effort to afford users a more accurate reflection of authoritative, user-friendly websites. […]

Importance of Mobile Friendly Sites in 2015

The number of people accessing the web through mobile devices grows everyday. From smartphones to tablets to phablets, mobile devices are a booming segment, and you can bet users aren’t just checking their email anymore. They are surfing the web, making online purchases, reading reviews, and even ordering their next meal! Mobile devices have changed […]

Website Still Not Responsive? Here’s What You’re Missing

If you haven’t undergone a website redesign in a few years, you might find yourself wondering why it’s a big deal. The big deal can be summed up in one word: responsiveness. Responsive web design has become the standard over the past 3-4 years, and if you haven’t updated your site yet, you are missing […]

Mobile and Social Holiday Engagement: What You Need to Know For Success

As mobile continues to expand, it’s important for businesses to understand how mobile and social usage is changing engagement between brands and consumers during the holiday season if they want to be successful. More consumers (42%) plan to shop on their smartphones and tablets this year compared to just a year ago. Mobile retail sales […]

Reaching Customers via Mobile

Over the years mobile communication has drastically changed. What started as a simple hand-held mobile phone that offered a limited amount of time to talk, but the ability to be used wherever, has significantly expanded in functionality and design. Today, with their small, compact size and various technologies and features, cell phones have not only […]

Tapping into a Burgeoning Market with SEO: Mobile Phone Users

In the world of online marketing, there’s a particular crowd of internet users that have provided advertisers with quite the dilemma for years. While office-bound white collar workers and Generation Z teens are exceptionally active when it comes to interacting with web-based ads, it’s been the mobile user market that has eluded many marketing firms […]


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