Category: online marketing

Category: online marketing

S(eo)unday 3-11-12

Good morning or afternoon (depending on SEO hemisphere).  A lot of good posts and discussion took place recently.  Let’s tear into last week’s can of online marketing posts.  You know you can’t read just one. WebiMax VP and partner, Kevin O’Brien, and VP of Digital Technology, Todd Bailey, were recently celebrated by Smart CEO magazine!  […]

Yahoo Hopes Internal Shifts Add More Yoo-Hoos

Have you seen Google in the news?  Do you use Google’s services to get your news?  As Greg Sterling of Search Engine Land reports, a lot of people use Google across multiple verticals. Yoo-hoo!  Remember Yahoo, a company that could’ve gotten friendly with Facebook to the point of making it a part of the family, […]

Are SEO Firms and Clients Landing on the Same Page?

I read a good post today related to clients and their respective search engine optimization providers.  The author raises a good point, pointing focus to a sometimes-divide in understanding taking place between clients and SEO providers, especially regarding “results.”  Both parties have responsibilities to foster understanding.  Providers must illustrate the usefulness and effectiveness of services […]

Executives and Consumers Trading Places?

Would it be benefit your brand if consumers traded places with its executives?  I don’t literally expect executives to become consumers of their own brand; but, I encourage them to think like customers often and much.  Empathy is the ability to relate to another person as if you’re “walking in their shoes.”  Ensure your marketing […]

Social Media Involved in Debt Ceiling Debate?

Social Media platforms (notably, Twitter) have clearly evolved to become the most efficient form of mass-communication. It’s now becoming that it’s also the most effective. Reports surfaced over the weekend that Twitter played an integral role in the debt ceiling debate in Washington. The debt ceiling debate has been going on for weeks as President […]

Video Advertising

Research conducted by the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) at the beginning of 2011 states that video ad spending will increase 22% in 2011. The report states that this is due to the fact that video advertising provides marketers with more reach, consumers are more engaged, and it is easier to track the overall return on […]

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