Category: Online Reputation

Category: Online Reputation

Study Reveals Customers Trust Online Reviews

The internet has not only become a tool for people to conveniently search for products or services online, but a dominant source to learn about businesses. With the various online review sites available, customers can read reviews about businesses as well as provide their own review. And ‘word on the internet’ spreads like wildfire. But, […]

2012 – The Year of the Consumer?

A couple weeks back, I wrote a post about the changing dynamic between consumers and brands.  It could be the pesky, tenacious “recession,” that won’t go away like socially-inept relatives after the holiday season, making consumers a bit more perceptive and sensitive in the pocket.  Additionally, it could be the popularity of social media platforms […]

Reputation Management – A Critical Piece of the Puzzle

Reputation Management is one of the most important components with maintaining a website. From small web-based businesses, to nationally recognized companies, their online reputation can influence many buyers. It is therefore extremely critical to properly manage your businesses online reputation. With the advent of the internet and its abilities to reach everywhere in the world, […]

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